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Table of contentMission: Free the Dutyer
Table of contentMission: Find the documents in the underground lab
Map of Dark Valley (Click to view large version)
Map of Dark Valley
The Dark Valley is a large area with the primary places of interest being the bandit HQ to the north and a factory containing the entrance to X18 to the east. You can also find a stalker camp at the south-west containing a stalker called Vampire - a target for another optional mission. The area is generally filled with anomalies, plenty of artifacts, and bandits. The first time I was there I found alot of artifacts including a Soul and Mama's Beads, so be sure to snoop around.
Mission: Free the DutyerBack to top
Ambush spot. (Click to view large version)
Ambush spot.
When you enter Dark Valley you'll notice a couple of dots on your minimap - they indicate Bullet, a Duty member, and a wounded bandit. Move up to Bullet and he'll ask you to help him free a fellow Duty member. This mission, Free the Dutyer, will net you a PSO-1 Scope so be sure to accept, and follow Bullet as he moves east to an ambush point. When get close to the road the mission will be updated and you are prompted to Kill the bandits and rescue the Dutyer. Do as Bullet tells you and hide behind the building on the western side of the road. Soon you should able to see the mission marker on your minimap move closer, approaching from the north; this is the Duty member who's being escorted by two bandits. Once you've killed the bandits and talk to Bullet he'll give you 1300 RU and a PSO-1 Scope.

Vasko Magnate, the guy you just rescued, will be able to give you another optional mission; apparently another Duty member is being held prisoner at the bandit HQ, the place you're headed, so you may pick up this mission if you wish; it doesn't come with a reward when you complete it, though, but may improve your status with the Duty faction.

Mission: Find the documents in the underground labBack to top
Once you're ready to move on take a look at your map; to the north of your current position is the bandit HQ - and to the west of that, you should be able to see a green marker with the description "pipe" - this is a secret entrance to the HQ, so head in that direction.

Once you reach the pipe, climb inside and move forward. Your mission will be updated and you'll now need to find Borov and take the key from him. Right after you come out of the pipe on the other side, turn left and move into the pipe there. Along the way in this trench you'll notice a bandit on your right side - don't attack him since you'll be in a vulnerable position. Once you reach the end of the trench you'll come up by the northern building at the bandit HQ.

You may see a yellow dot on your minimap, indicating a neutral person - although this is a Duty member, it's not the one you have to break out of prison so don't worry if he should die in the ensuing firefight.

Once you've dealt with any bandits in the vicinity, move inside the main hangar and up the start on the right side. Follow the walkway and you will eventually move inside the building next to the hangar. The building can seem like a maze since it has several floors with stairs going up and down every now and then, but what you simply need to do is head south. You'll find Borovs office on the 1st floor. Borov should be fair easy to locate since he will be marked on your map.

This guy is... err, was carrying the Storming Obokan. (Click to view large version)
This guy is... err, was carrying the Storming Obokan.
On your way to Borovs office you should run into an experienced bandit (dressed in a trench coat) - he's carrying the weapon required for the Find the weapon of the Dutyer mission so be sure to pick up the unique weapon when you've dealt with him. You can of course also search for him after you've dealt with Borov, but I personally tend to run into him on the way there.

Borov wont go down without a fight, no matter how short it may be! (Click to view large version)
Borov wont go down without a fight, no matter how short it may be!
You're very likely to find Borov in his office, on the 1st floor (ie. one floor above the ground floor) of the building. Once you reach him, kill him, and search his body you'll obtain the second key to X18, and you mission will be updated now prompting you to get out of the bandit base. Before you do, you may wish to head downstairs and locate the storage room and the cellar nearby, containing the imprisoned Duty member. Inside Borovs office you'll be able to find alot of goodies including bandages, medkits, food, two VOG-25 grenades, and some 5.56x45 mm AP rounds.

In the cellar, where the Duty member is held prisoner, you can also find a Merc Suit but since you probably already have upgraded to the Stalker suit, you might as well leave it and save your carrying capacity for more useful items.

Storage room. (Click to view large version)
Storage room.
The storage room should be easy to spot when you search around the HQ. Inside the storage room you'll be able to find alot of goodies including bandages, antirads, ammunition, a ton of Vodka bottles, and more. Nothing really important or noteworthy, though.

Before you leave you may wish to seek out the various hidden stashes that you've likely uncovered by killing and searching the bandits in the HQ. When you're ready to leave the HQ you can either head towards the gate (which is northeast in the HQ) or towards the marker on your map - that will lead you out through an elevated tunnel. You may have very likely have discovered a secret stash inside the elevated tunnel, so that is usually my preferred way of getting out of the HQ.

As you leave the HQ your mission will be updated and you now have to locate the entrance to the X18 lab. Since you're probably loaded with equipment and artifacts, you may wish to head back to the Bar to load off or sell your loot, but also to finish the optional mission, Find the weapon of the Dutyer, given by Brome. When you return to him he'll give you a Slug artifact as a reward. If you hate to give up the Storming Obokan there is a nice trick available showing you how to get it back.

Before you head off to X18 there are a few things that are good to know. First off, inside X18 you'll find the Monolith Suit that is superior to the Stalker suit, so even if your current armor is worn out there is no need to replace it - you'll find a better armor in X18. Also, you will find the GP-25 Kostyer Grenade Launcher which can be attached to an Akm 74/2 - so if you're still using one, you may wish to bring along some VOG-25 grenades if you have any.

The entrance to the X18 lab can be found in the cellar inside the main building of the factory in the western part of Dark Valley. There are plenty of bandits around so be careful once you're inside the gate. You can find a RPG-7u grenade launcher on one of the top floors, but since ammo for this weapon is extremely limited, dragging this weapon along may be more of a burden than an actual help.

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