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This page contains information about many of the optional missions that are available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. In the end the aim is to include all optional missions, but for now it simply covers the majority, I hope Tongue!.

The list is sorted alphabetically - initially by the names of the persons giving out optional missions, and then by the actual mission names themselves (as they appear in the dialogue options).

Please note that any character giving out optional missions will only have a maximum of four available at a time. To reach other missions, you need to pick up the available missions and either complete them or refuse to do them; eventually different missions should become available.

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The ArenaBack to top
Given by:ArnieReward:44000 RU in total for all the arena matches
The arena is located directly in front of the initial entrance you go through when making your way to the 100 Rads Bar. The arena is optional but it can be an easy way to make some money. In the arena you'll be fighting against a number of different opponents with different predefined weapons. The arena is run by Arnie so go talk to him if you wish to fight.

As said, each round will pit you against different opponents; you'll be given predefined equipment which means that you won't be able to use any of your own weapons, armor, etc., in the arena. You'll always have a knife but the rest of the equipment you're given is different from each round. After each match you can find all your equipment in a box next to Arnie. Be sure to heal up between rounds as your wounds don't automatically get treated. Each round is to the death - in other words, be sure to save before you enter the arena, and possibly again after each succesful round.

Arena round 1Back to top
Given by:ArnieReward:1000 RU
So, your first fight? Your opponent is a piece of meat just like you. He's here because of debts and he only has two options: to come out and fight or to land himself in the nearest anomaly. He's gonna fight like a cornered animal. Equipment for today... lemme think... OK! Why don't you two use PMm's... two clips each should be plenty. Either you kick his arse or we feed you to the dogs - not much of a choice. Go on now.
Personal Notes
You'll have a PMm pistol and 48 rounds in the first round. You won't have any armor. Your opponent is a rookie stalker with the same equipment.
Arena round 2Back to top
Given by:ArnieReward:2000 RU
Your last fight didn't mean shit. You're still the same piece of meat you were before and no self-respecting person will bet a single mag on you. If you wanna earn some proper cash you're gonna have to make a few more appearances in the arena. Your new opponent also got through the first round and his fight was a lot harder than yours. I don't like him, to be honest - he kills too quickly and the crowd doesn't like that. So, go and show us what you can do! The stakes will increase after this fight - all you gotta do is stay alive. Move it!
Personal Notes
In this round you're equipped with a Viper 5 and 50 rounds. You still wont have any armor and your opponent is a single stalker wearing a Stalker Suit also wielding a Viper.
Arena round 3Back to top
Given by:ArnieReward:3000 RU
Well, well... You're not as much of a pussy as you first seemed. Now it's time to test you out in a real fight. You're up against two guys. The first one's called Swede and I don't remember the second one's name. They were paired up intentionally as they hate each other's guts so don't worry about them working as a team - they're more likely to shoot each other. Today is rifle day so don't let them get too close or we'll have to pick you up piece by piece. The odds are 10:1 so if you win you'll make a fair amount. Off you go!
Personal Notes
This time you'll have a Sawn-off shotgun with 22 shots in total; you wont have any armor and you'll have two opponents with Stalker Suits and Sawn-off shotguns as well. This round is what I personally consider the hardest since you need to get fairly close for the shotgun to be effective - and since your opponents have the same weapons, and armor as well, they will be able to take you down pretty fast. After this round, it just gets easier and easier in my opinion.
Arena round 4Back to top
Given by:ArnieReward:4000 RU
Well, now I can safely say that you're a fighter, a real fighter. Now it's time for a team fight. You get to fight with two rookies - two brothers - on your side. They haven't fought yet but they're brothers, so I had to put them into a team fight. I wouldn't expect any real help from them if I were you. You're fighting an experienced team, they're contenders for the final this season. A dangerous lot. They use different weapons but one has an automatic shotgun - be very careful with him. Good luck, pal... you're gonna need it.
Personal Notes
You'll be treated to a Akm 74/2 along with 90 rounds, and two bandages. You still wont have any armor and you'll be facing three stalkers this time - two of them in Stalker Suits, the last in a SEVA Suit or similar. You have two rookie stalkers to help you, though - one of them carries a Sawn-off shotgun and the other an Akm 74/2U.
Arena round 5Back to top
Given by:ArnieReward:6000 RU
You've got a special fight today. Even the army has heard about you! Don't be surprised, they fight here too - there's even a general in the crowd. These guys are from the Spetsnaz or from OMON. They're well armed and their armor is good as you'd expect. Don't worry too much, I ain't gonna leave you out in the rain, either. You'll get a vest used by Freedom - it's light so it won't slow you down. Go on, show them that stalkers ain't no whipping boys. Good luck!
Personal Notes
You'll not only have an Obokan with 120 rounds but you're finally also given an armor - a Wind of Freedom suit; furthermore you'll also have a medkit and a bandage. Your opponents are two elite soldiers.
Arena round 6Back to top
Given by:ArnieReward:8000 RU
Time for you to show what you can do. Duty captured a group of bandits that had been causing problems for stalkers near Rostok. Duty took'em at night so most of the bandits were taken alive. They were all gonna be executed anyway so I conviced Duty to give them a chance. If any of them survive, they'll go in the can outside the Zone, which is better than dying here. They're not well-armed - just a few pistols and sawn-offs - but there's six of them so watch yourself. Go on now!
Personal Notes
You have a Tunder along with 110 rounds and a Berill-5M Armored Suit. You'll be facing 6 bandits in total (4 rookies and 2 veterans) but they only have pistols and Sawn-off shotguns.
Arena round 7Back to top
Given by:ArnieReward:10000 RU
Well, you're almost in the final. Now you'll be fighting a real stalker. He's alone but he's got an FT 200M and he's inside an exoskeleton. Catch one burst and you're toast. There will be a surprise that I can't tell you about too... Here's my advice: be prepared, it's gonna be tough. The winner makes it through to the final. Fight to the death, go!
Personal Notes
I reckon this round can be tricky, but it has actually never really caused me any serious problems - your "weapon" consists of 4 F1 grenades. You'll also have one bandage. Unfortunately you don't have any armor and your opponent is a stalker with a FT 200M and an Exoskeleton armor.
Arena round 8 (final)Back to top
Given by:ArnieReward:10000 RU
Congratulations, you're in the final! One more to go and this one is to the death, every man for himself. There will be 4 other stalkers in the arena: all real pros in exoskeletons with GP-37s but it's a fair deal this time - you'll get exactly what they have. The only thing is, you don't get medkits or bandages in a fight to the death. Ready? Go prove you're the best, GO!
Personal Notes
Although you technically are up against 4 opponents, this round is a Free For All which means they'll also be fighting eachother. According to Arnie you'll be given the same equipment as your enemies - a GP 37 along with 150 rounds and an Exoskeleton armor - except that you, unfortunately, don't get an armor at all. Whether this is a bug or a mis-print in the briefing Arnie gives you I am not sure - perhaps Arnie is just lying to you, to make you feel safe or comfortable - damn you, Arnie! Tongue!
Kill the traitorBack to top
Given by:BaldyReward:Night Star artifact
A while ago another stalker and I went looking for an artifact right next to the scorcher. We found so much stuff, even found a couple of artifacts that I'd never seen before, not even pictures of them. So that son of a bitch tricked me. During the last night he snuck off and hid the most valuable artifacts. And then he tried to tell me that they disappeared on their own. A couple of days ago I saw one of those very rare artifacts at the barkeep's. I was so pissed... Anyway, stalker, if you could find him, send him a lead greeting from me. And while you're at it, maybe you can find out where his secret stash is and get the second artifact. It's worth it, believe me.
Personal Notes
The stalker, Smartass, who can be found in Army Warehouses does have information about a stash (to the north east in the same area), but I have "only" found some 9x39 mm SP-5 rounds and some canned food there - ie. no artifacts I'm afraid. But canned food is still good, right?Wink!
Bring the hoof of a boarBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:1500 RU
Do you know that we prepare horns and hooves? This is a big rarity. They make great jewelry from the local mutated hooves - I know a jeweler, he's interested. So go on ahead, find the boar's hoof, and there'll be cash in your pocket.
Personal Notes
A simple fetch mission.
Destroy the group of bandits at the AgropromBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:2500 RU and a F1 grenade
I remember how in '94 the racketeers latched on to me - cough it up, they said. Man, I went through hell then, I had a restaurant and all. Back then there was no case against them! And here I find out that the same gang's working in the Agroprom, making a profit off of the artifacts they find there. But here I can do something. I even know exactly where they're hiding. Do me a favor, punish them.
Personal Notes
The bandits are located near the entrance to Agroprom Underground west of the first installation in Agroprom Research Institute.
Destroy the lair of snorks in the Dark ValleyBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:2500 RU and two F1 grenades
Yeah... It seems that the ones who say that the zone is expanding are right. They spotted a few snorks in the Dark Valley, but before they never saw them there. And here some started to panic. The Dutiers promised to destroy the snorks, but they can't seem to get around to doing it. Will you take it on?
Personal Notes
This mission was introduced in the 1.0004 patch, and it requires you to eliminate about three snorks at the eastern installation, the one with the entrance to X18, in Dark Valley.
Destroy the lair of wild mutant dogs at the Wild TerritoryBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:2500 RU and a F1 grenade
A few of our guys went on an expedition, came back alone. All torn up, bloody, glassy eyes. Ran into dogs, most likely. There's a whole pack of them there. So, find their lair and kill every last one of them.
Personal Notes
I believe this mission was introduced in the 1.0004 patch, and it is automatically given to you when you enter the Wild Territory after having been to Yantar.
Eliminate the bandits at the GarbageBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:2000 RU, bottle of vodka and a F1 grenade
A job, eh? Let's see what we've got... Aha! Here you go: can you knock out that pack of bandits at the Garbage? The Duty, with all their speeches about law and order, just can't get down to it. Those are some rare scumbags, so they won't last long anyway. But the guy who gets them first will score big... and the booze is on me, of course.
Personal Notes
This mission takes place to the west of the vehicle scrapyard in Garbage.
Eliminate the Mercs and bandits in RostokBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:2500 RU and a F1 grenade
There's a gang of Mercs not far away, in Rostok. They hit it off with the bandits, so now they're scheming to block the pasage through the plant. I don't need to tell you what a nuisance it is, it's got to be resolved straight away. The Duty guys and some of the old-timers have already gone to teach them a lessons, but we haven't heard from them in a while... So why don't you... eh... go and check on them. The money's good, too.
Personal Notes
I believe this mission was introduced with the 1.0004 patch. The Mercs and bandits are supposedly located near the place where you encountered the first snipers when you went to Wild Territory for the first time; I think this mission is automatically given to you (perhaps at some random point) when you enter the Wild Territory. This mission appears to be (somewhat) bugged - at least when I received the mission the first time there were neither bandits nor Mercs to be found; however, on a recent playthrough I managed to complete the mission several times.
Find artifact GoldfishBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:TRs 301, M203 grenade launcher, SUSAT scope and a silencer
Marked One, you know the story about the fairytale about the Goldfish? Yeah, yeah, that's the one. There are a bunch of jokes about it too. So anyway, there's this old man who keeps on wanting to catch it. Bottom line, I need the one-of-a-kind artifact called Goldfish, the client is from the outside, respectable. Will you help out?
Find the artifact FlashBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:5000 RU
The assignment is simple and the pay is good. You have to find the artifact Flash. Don't even ask who ordered it and why. Well, will you do it?
Personal Notes
A simple mission that requires you to find a Flash artifact.
Find the Crystal Thorn artifactBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:2500 RU, two Scientific first aid kits and two antirads.
A "crone"?.. No, that's not it. "Crystal corn"?.. No, wrong again... Bugger! "Crystal Thorn", that's it! So here's the deal: I have an order for this artifact, "Crystal Thorn". Have you heard of it? They say that if you've got one, no creature will be able to mess with your brain. So what do you say?
Personal Notes
A simple mission that requires you to find a Crystal Thorn artifact.
Find the Night Star artifactBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:Berill-5M Armored Suit and 3 F1 grenades
I need the Night Star artifact. I'm sorry to say it doesn't grant any wishes, been there, done that, but it can make you wealthy. Scientists pay a lot for it. They say they make some military things out of it... So, are you up for it.
Personal Notes
Another simple task that requires you to find a Night Star artifact.
Find the Meat chunk artifactBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:2500 RU and two Scientific first aid kits
Some padres have stopped by, left an order for a Meat Chunk. You know, they have a certain interest in this healing artifact... those rotten miracle-workers! Anyway... You gonna do it? It's up to you.
Personal Notes
Another simple mission that requires you to find a Meat Chunk artifact.
Help the stalkers fight off the bandits at AgropromBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:Slug artifact
So here's the deal. Recently a group of stalkers went to Agroprom. The last time they contacted, they said that there was something valuable in the underground, but they were pressed hard by the bandits. They're holding on, but they can't clear out. Will you help them out?
Personal Notes
This mission will sometimes automatically be given to you when you enter Agroprom Research Institute - however, only after you've been there at least once.
Kill the soldierBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:Slug artifact
I need you to take down this grunt... don't ask me who he is, what do I care! Just do it. So? Can I entrust you with it?
Personal Notes
This is actually a mission I find a bit disturbing because if you talk to the target (Private Kontradenko) you're likely to feel sympathy for the guy. Anyways, he can be found to the far west in Agroprom Research Institute, at the swamp inside a caravan. The easiest way to dispose of him, I guess, is simply to toss a grenade into the wagon. Poor chap.
Kill the stalkerBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:Soul artifact
You know, there's this type of men that you could never say a bad word about... you trust him as you trust yourself, right? You bank on him... But suddenly you find out that he is the vilest and meanest son of a bitch... So here's the deal: there's this one case that needs to get sorted. Do it, and I'll take care of the rest.
Personal Notes
This mission requires you to kill a neutral stalker, Gena Glue, who can usually be found at the stalker camp at Dark Valley. I've had reports that he may also be in Yantar.
Kill the stalker called SparrowBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:Moonlight artifact
Damn musketeers! Playing D'Artagnan, assholes! As if surfing around anomalies and bowing to bullets is not enough, the oafs have now taken to fighting duels! Get this: there was this row... no one can even remember any more what started it. So these two dumbheads decided to shed some blood. And there you go, one dropped dead... a fine stalker he was, too! And the other one, Sparrow, beetled off, because I'd be the first one to put a bullet in his head. Find him. I'm sure he's still in the Zone. Will you do it?
Personal Notes
Sparrow can usually be found at the stalker camp in Yantar but he may also be walking around the Bar area.
Kill the stalker called VampireBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:Fireball artifact
That's it, I've had enough of this scumbag! I mean Vampire; do you know him? That bastard! Sucking luck out of people instead of blood. Whoever goes with him, they all die, all to a man, but he always comes back safe and sound! Done it five times now! That's evil, don't you think? I'd love to put some flowers on this Vampire's grave... So, do you take the job?
Personal Notes
Vampire is located at the stalker camp in Dark Valley.
Obtain the flesh's eyeBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:500 RU and 3 Tourist's Delight
Soon we're having a party, there'll be a fancy dinner, and certain local gourmets who are in especially high spirits (we don't need to point fingers) will definitively want to try my special recipe - eyes of "flesh" under a pork sauce. That is, in its own juices under mayonnaise. Basically, I need the eye of that beast, and quickly.
Personal Notes
Protect the stalkers camp at the Garbage from the bandits assaultBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:Gravi artifact
A group of stalkers is coming to visit me, and I am personally interested in their safe arrival. They'll stay not far from the Bar. One penitent criminal element almost almost voluntary informed us that they are going to be attacked soon. So, head in that direction and protect their camp from the assault.
Personal Notes
You may often - if not every time - get this mission when you enter Garbage after having been to the Bar area for the first time.
Purge the bandits' camp at Wild TerritoryBack to top
Given by:BarkeepReward:2500 RU and a F1 grenade
There are bandits at the Wild Territory. We can't let these dregs of society breed insanitariness right near the bar. It's essential to wipe out their camp.
Personal Notes
To the north-west of the exit to the Bar area in Wild Territory you'll find the group of bandits.
Repel the bandit raidBack to top
Given by:BesReward:2000 RU
Hey stalker, you're just in time! We could really use your help. Those bandit bastards are trying to take control of the Garbage. We had a shootout here half an hour ago and managed to take down three of the dogs. The others retreated, but I'm dead certain they are going to come back with reinforcements any minute now. There aren't too many of us left and another man wouldn't hurt.

We've set up an ambush for them here. They'll be coming from the West, from the Agroprom Research Institute. Help us destroy their reinforcements and you won't regret it!
Personal Notes
You can pick up this mission from Bes when you first come to the Garbage area - before picking up the mission you'll receive a pre-mission called Respond to the call for help that simply requires you to talk to Bes. When you do, you can pick up this mission.

Find the weapon of the DutyerBack to top
Given by:BromeReward:Slug artifact
Shouldn't have freaked out like that. How the zone messes with your head. Thought I had good nerves, never afraid of anything, and here this. This howling in the ears. Everything was going as usual. There was a scouting expedition to the Dark Valley, we got down into the trench with Krivoi to cover the rest of the group, and then once I heard the howling, I was gripped by fear. Damn, I don't even remember how I got to the coordinate. When I returned to the base, Voronin almost shot me on the spot: he had just given me an enhanced cannon, for good service, so to speak. And here... I paniced and took off so fast that I left the cannon there. Could you bring it back for me, else where will I go now without a decent weapon.
Personal Notes
An experienced bandit in Dark Valley, at the bandit HQ, carries the Storming Obokan that is required to complete this mission.
Free the DutyerBack to top
Given by:BulletReward:1300 RU and a PSO-1 Scope
The briefing is not given in normal text dialogue, so I'll try to explain it. Bullet wants you to help him free another Duty member that is being held hostage by some bandits. And as he hints, there is a nice reward in it for you. Soon after briefing you, Bullet will run towards the west to an ambush point. Two bandits along with the hostage, Vasko Magnate, will approach shortly after.
Personal Notes
You'll basically get this mission the first time you enter the Dark Valley; here you'll see Bullet and a wounded bandit, with Bullet trying to get some information out of the bandit.
Assist at Freedom's Barrier outpostBack to top
Given by:CapReward:2500 RU
You're just in time. We're fending off the Monolith jerks, and the next wave is almost here! Believe it or not, we just our last sniper knocked off! Can you help? We'll pay back after the fight - you won't be sorry!

As it should be. I hope to talk to you in the morning. Oh, and don't walk off too far... Or I might think you've decided to run off. And that would mean you-know-what, so keep that in mind! Now, assume your position.
Personal Notes
When you move close to the border region for the first time you'll automatically receive this mission; it can also be picked up manually from Lukash.

Colonel PetrenkoBack to top
Destroy the stalker from FreedomBack to top
Given by:Colonel PetrenkoReward:PSZ-9Md Universal Protection
Colonel Petrenko
Colonel Petrenko
Listen here. We have maps of Pripyat - not up-to-date ones, but old ones, made in the early 90's. The most important thing on them is the marking of all military objects: underground warehouses, bomb shelters. Now there's little use from it, of course, but if we find a road to Pripyat, this information will become priceless. Here's the problem, though. One of the officers went over to the Freedom side, and he knew about this information. Bottom line, he needs to be silenced before he says too much.
Personal Notes
This is one of the guards at the initial control point just outside the Freedom base.
Protect the rookie camp from the MercsBack to top
Given by:FanaticReward:2500 RU
Listen up, Marked One, you will come in handy! We could really use some help.

I'm Fanatic, and I'm filling in for the leader since Wolf left. A few Mercs came by here yesterday... and they were some tough bastards, let me tell you. They come here and start making serious demands - "You've got one day to clear this camp out. It's gonna be our new base." Tonight they're coming back, and as you can imagine, they won't be in the mood for a chat.

We're gonna set up an ambush 'cause a direct attack would probably be the end of us. They're got their fighting gear and everything, plus they're trained in tactics like you can't even imagine. And all we've got here are little boys. So, we've decided to just sit tight in these houses and make it look like we're gone. Then when the right moment comes, we attack. Fighters like you are just the thing we could use right now. And we'd make sure to thank you properly after it's all over. You know we're good for it! So, what do you say, will you help us out?

Let's spend the rest of the time preparing for the fight. Here's the plan: I'll put the most hopeless rookies in houses and basements and tell them not to make a move - otherwise they might just slaughter our own troops. You and me and a couple other decent shots will take the best positions to have an eye on the area around the fire. As soon as they come close to the fire, we let the bullets fly from everywhere! They'll be coming from the bridge... and I don't think we'll have to wait long. So, find yourself a hiding place with a view, then wait for my command. Take a look around, but remember that your odds aren't as good in the open. It's your call.
Personal Notes
This mission can be picked up once you've been to X18.

General VoroninBack to top
Destroy the banditsBack to top
Given by:General VoroninReward:3000 RU, 90 9x39 mm SP-6 rounds, and two VOG-25 grenades
General Voronin
General Voronin
The current situation is unfavorable, the bandits are gathering in the areas of the Garbage and the Dark Valley. The best solution is to carry out two preemptive strikes at the same time! Our fighters will take on the valley, and you'll get the Garbage.
Destroy the controller at YantarBack to top
Given by:General VoroninReward:3000 RU, 90 9x39 mm SP-6 rounds, and two VOG-25 grenades
To carry out this assignment you need to have special skills. The scientists have reported to us that they noticed a controller at Yantar, by the entrance to the underground lab (in the center building). Controllers are very dangerous, but I'm sure you'll manage.
Destroy the detachment of MercsBack to top
Given by:General VoroninReward:3000 RU, 90 9x39 mm SP-6 rounds, and two VOG-25 grenades
So here's the assignment: you need to destroy the detachment of snipers of the mercs group. The situation: these snipers are holding the last floor of the building site complex. Assumed amount: not less than two, not more than five. They're armed, judging by everything, with sniper rifles. Suggestion: don't show your face there during the day.
Personal Notes
This mission takes you to the south-western part of Wild Territory.
Destroy the herd of fleshesBack to top
Given by:General VoroninReward:2000 RU, 60 9x39 mm SP-6 rounds, and a VOG-25 grenade
We tracked the migration of a large herd of beasts... Quite disgusting swine-like mutants whom everyone calls fleshes. Now they're in the area of the Garbage. All of our people are busy, but these beasts need to be destroyed. It's a special kind of job - we'll pay.
Personal Notes
The herd is located in Garbage.
Destroy the Mercs in the Wild TerritoryBack to top
Given by:General VoroninReward:3000 RU, 90 9x39 mm SP-6 rounds, and two VOG-25 grenades
A group of scientists is planning to study the Wild Territory. But lately it hasn't been safe there, the Mercs have gotten activated. Make sure that there aren't any more Mercs in the Wild Territory.
Personal Notes
Destroy the pseudodogsBack to top
Given by:General VoroninReward:3000 RU, 90 9x39 mm SP-6 rounds, and two VOG-25 grenades
Our allies have notified us about the discovery of a lair of monsters on the territory by the military warehouses. We believe it's a pack of pseudodogs. We shouldn't be messing around in that area right now, so it's an assignment for a neutral. Are you in?
Personal Notes
The dogs include both Pseudodogs and regular blind dogs.
Destroy the security post of the MercsBack to top
Given by:General VoroninReward:3000 RU, 90 9x39 mm SP-6 rounds, and two VOG-25 grenades
Lately there's been an increase in the activity of groups of Mercs, there's been a few attacks on the scientists, researchers working in the zone. We can't leave that unpunished. We need to carry out a small punitive operation. The goal: the security post of the Mercs by the military warehouses, behind the abandoned village.
Personal Notes
This mission takes place at the Merc outpost in the north-western part of the Army Warehouses area.
Destroy the stalkers' campBack to top
Given by:General VoroninReward:3000 RU, 90 9x39 mm SP-6 rounds, and two VOG-25 grenades
There's one delicate matter, but out guys definately shouldn't be involved in it. The presence of neutrals on the factory at Agroprom isn't advantegeous for our allies. Here's the assignment: free the promzone from the presence of stalkers, no matter who they are and what group they belong to. Understood?
Personal Notes
This mission requires you to kill all the neutral stalkers that camp out in the first installation in Agroprom Research Institute.
Find the enhanced rifleBack to top
Given by:General VoroninReward:Vintar BC and 60 9x39 mm SP-5 rounds
Someone helps the mercs. Quite recently they got equipped with machine-guns, enhanced for sniper fire. You understand that it's a dangerous toy? Well, I'm interested in such a gun. My gratitude will be pertinent, be sure.
Personal Notes
The enhanced rifle, which is in fact the Sniper TRs, is located at the Merc outpost in the north-western part of Army Warehouses.
Get rid of the pack of dogsBack to top
Given by:General VoroninReward:2000 RU, 60 9x39 mm SP-6 rounds and a VOG-25 grenade
We, naturally, don't give assignments to foreign stalkers. On the other hand, this is a simple task, so there's no point making our guys do it. So listen. You need to purge a small lair of beasts at the Garbage. One of our groups is already working there, so in case of trouble you'll have a place to retreat to. On the other hand, there shouldn't be any problems because there aren't many beasts there - not more than ten. Most likely dogs: recently there were reports of a migration of a large pack of them in the area. You can get to carrying out the assignment.
Personal Notes
Kill a pack of dogs in Garbage.
Kill the banditsBack to top
Given by:General VoroninReward:3000 RU, 90 9x39 mm SP-6 rounds, and two VOG-25 grenades
I'll make this short. The bandits got around our security posts at the Bar and are now located in the Wild Territory. They need to be eliminated.
Personal Notes
As Voronin states, the bandits can be found in Wild Territory, north-west of entrance from the Bar.
Kill the zombieBack to top
Given by:General VoroninReward:2000 RU, 60 9x39 mm SP-6 rounds and a VOG-25 grenade
Recently we sent a group to Yantar. Unfortunately, nobody from the group returned. I was informed that they saw a few zombied stalkers from the group not far from the mobile lab of the scientists at Yantar. We can't allow them to remain in that horrible state. Your assignment: find and destroy that, which they've become.
Personal Notes
This mission requires you to kill a zombie stalker in Yantar; he's got friends, though, so he won't be alone... which makes me wonder - how does zombies make friends, anyway? Ah, they share brains I guess! Tongue! The mission seems to be given to you automatically when you enter Yantar.
Neutralize the banditBack to top
Given by:General VoroninReward:Tunder S14, 90 9x39 mm SP-6 rounds and two VOG-25 grenades
Subject's nickname - Poker. One of the most cruel bandits' leader, swine and rapist... Evidently his head is not okay: they say he caught a rare disease in the Zone. Now he suffers quite frequent lapses of memory, and when he gains consciousness, he can't remember who and where he is. Nevertheless, he's always armed and very aggressive. Presumable location: Dark Valley. Ready for the task?
Personal Notes
This mission appears to be severely bugged as Poker almost always isn't where he is supposed to be (where the map claims he is). I've read reports that you kill him during the mission when you get the second key to X18 (I havent been able to confirm this though); another report indicates that Poker is in fact lodged in the ground, out of reach.

This mission appears to have been fixed in the 1.0004 patch - at least I was able to complete the mission on my first run-through after installing the patch. Poker was located (along with Friar, by the way) in the Agroprom Underground.

Obtain an Bulldog 6 from FreedomBack to top
Given by:General VoroninReward:PSZ-9Md Universal Protection
I want to ask you to do one thing, personally for me, you see? We're in the midst of a territorial warfare with the Freedom faction and we need some weapons more powerful than what we have. Freedom has some excellent Bulldog 6 granade launchers. If you could penetrate their territory and steal at least one such granade launcher, I would generously reward you. Since you aren't in our faction, you can quickly gain the trust of Freedom and, if you're lucky, get a hold of the Bulldog 6.

I'll upload the location of the Freedom base for you. You'll need to find the Chef. He's a member of Freedom. He knows where the RG-6s are kept. And he likes his booze so bring a lot of vodka with you. So, what do you say?
Personal Notes
Although Voronin asks you to steal the Bulldog 6 you can find another Bulldog in the Bloodsucker village in Army Warehouses; refer to this page to see where to find it.

Purge the freedomersBack to top
Given by:General VoroninReward:Sniper VLA and 90 9x39 mm SP-5 rounds
There's been an increase in the activity of the Freedom patrol in the abandoned village by the military warehouses. Purge the village from fighters. After carrying out this assignment a special reward awaits you.
Personal Notes
This mission requires you to kill the three Freedom members located in the Bloodsucker village in Army Warehouses.
Destroy the lair of the bloodsuckerBack to top
Given by:HunterReward:Battery artifact
Have you ever run into a bloodsucker? Horrible thing, isn't it? Well the other day I went to the village by the military warehouses, thought I'd look for some artifacts. And imagine this: suddenly I see a bloodsucker, black, and with scars all over. He's sitting over the corpse, doesn't see me. I freaked out and made a run for it. I shouldn't have started running though, because he heard me and went after me, and there was all this howling all around me and then I understood that he wasn't alone. I think they have a lair there. If you could chase them away from there, I would give you a rare artifact that I found a couple of days ago.
Personal Notes
This mission requires you to kill one or two specific Bloodsuckers in the northern part of the Bloodsucker village (near the tower) in Army Warehouses.
Find the family rifleBack to top
Given by:HunterReward:4000 RU
I've got a big problem man! I... I lost my family rifle in the Wild Territory. I wanted to shoot some bloodsuckers but I barely got away. Damn! Listen, bro'... if you get it back I'll pay you. I've made a little cash here and I'll give you all of it, just get my rifle back. It's a family rifle, you know, passed down from father to son... And I lost it! I've grown used to it, it's like an extension of my arm now...

I'll give you anything! Just return my rifle, I beg you. I lost it by that place where those damn bloodsuckers live. Here are the coordinates. Be careful though. Bloodsuckers aren't the friendly kind.
Personal Notes
The rifle, which is a regular Sawn-off Double-barrel by the way, can be found inside a container in an underground tunnel in Wild Territory. Refer to the map with points of interest to see the exact location.

Bring a boar's legBack to top
Given by:LukashReward:1000 RU and a bottle of vodka
We're planning a dinner party to celebrate Bob Marley's birthday. So why don't you get us some delicious ham? The more the better! Jah will never forget you!
Personal Notes
The only way to celebrate the birthday of Bob Marley is obviously with a good assortment of boars legs!
Bring the bulletproof vestBack to top
Given by:LukashReward:Guardian of Freedom Suit
Some of the grunts are sporting a new type of bulletproof vests. The inside lining is soaked in some healing ointment or something like that... anyways, it makes small wounds heal up very fast. And imagine what luck: just the other day ten of those guys ran into Yantar, and only six returned, with the three on their shoulders. You follow? One of them got left behind. If you get us his bulletproof vest, we'll examine it and make us a lot of them too.
Personal Notes
This mission requires you to bring the Healing Beril that can be found on a corpse near the entrance to X16 in Yantar.
Clear the villageBack to top
Given by:LukashReward:SGI 5k, M203 grenade launcher and two M209 grenades
Man, will you look at all those bloodsucking monsters swarming in the village! No one gets within a hundred meters of it, except complete dumbheads. And some say they've been seeing things there... a controller is all we need right now! Anyway, it's high time we put an end to it. I'm not forcing you, to tell you the truth I wouldn't go there myself. But if you're not afraid, then my gratitude won't have any bounds.
Personal Notes
This mission requires you to take down the controller and about 4 bloodsuckers in the Bloodsucker village in Army Warehouses.
Deal with the snitchBack to top
Given by:LukashReward:7000 RU
Sadly, I have to admit there's a snitch in our ranks. His name is Pavlik. He's leaking valuable information, and that must be stopped.

You must follow him to the farmstead and discover whose rat he is. He doesn't know you and isn't aware of our conversation either, so...

He just left, so you'll have to catch up with him. Remember, you can and should bump him off, but only after he's exposed the agent he's ratting to. You'll have to eliminate the other guy, too.
Personal Notes
You can get this mission once you complete the Destroy the Duty company mission.

Destroy the Duty companyBack to top
Given by:LukashReward:This mission doesn't come with a reward - refer to this mission for the final reward
Damn, these punks just won't settle down! Fine, we'll have to teach them a lesson. Hey, stalker, want to help us for a reward? Talk to Max, our chief. You two will get a crew together and root out those suckers.
Personal Notes
This mission will task you to aid a Freedom strike force in taking down all the Duty members at the outpost in the western part of Army Warehouses. You must also do the Deal with the snitch mission to get the reward.
Destroy the Duty detachmentBack to top
Given by:LukashReward:3500 RU, 90 5.56x45 mm AP rounds and two M209 grenades
How about going on a hunt? Duty's clean-up detachment showed up at Rostok. This is a great chance to take them by surprise. Duty keeps sending guys hunting for the monsters, but in the process they don't hesistate to shoot whoever isn't up ther likening. The detachment needs to be finished off before Duty comes to Rostok. There shouldn't be too many people: three or four veterans and a couple of rookies.
Personal Notes
This mission requires you to eliminate about 6 Duty faction members in Wild Territory.
Destroy the Duty outpostBack to top
Given by:LukashReward:3500 RU, 90 5.56x45 mm AP rounds and two M209 grenades
There's a very urgent job. The passage from the Garbage to the Bar needs to be cleared of the Duty unit... They've taken to hiding there and robbing the passers-by. We're expecting a very important package, but now it must not be rules out that Duty already know about our courier and will try to waylay him. We need to wipe off this roadblock, even if for a little while. Ok?
Personal Notes
This mission will obviously have a negative impact on your relations with Duty. When I did this mission I was friends with Duty, but after completing it they had been "reduced" to neutral.
Destroy the herd of boars and fleshesBack to top
Given by:LukashReward:3500 RU, 90 rounds of 5.56x45 mm AP rounds and two M209 grenades
Our sniper sits at the entrance to the base. He sits there on the tower at night... it's quiet, night-time... and suddenly there's an explosion, wild screeching, a flash! What the!... It turns out, boars and fleshes got into the habit of wandering around by the minefield. The devil knows what makes them go there, but sure enough at least once every week one of those beasts gets torn up by a mine. The assignment is simple - kill all of those suckers off. Will you do it?
Personal Notes
The herd can be found to the east of the border area in Army Warehouses.
Destroy the herd of rodentsBack to top
Given by:LukashReward:3500 RU, 90 5.56x45 mm AP rounds and two M209 grenades
There are no rodents anywhere near our base, those these creatures can get anywhere. And just recently there were so many of them here - you wouldn't believe it. Two months we dealt with them..hehehe. So, we figured out where the rodents came from to our base. From the Wild Territory, you follow? There's a fear that these jumping rats will multiply and return. We need a man to take care of them for us. Will you go?
Personal Notes
This mission takes place in Wild Territory near the tunnel that also has the family rifle mission item in it.
Destroy the Merc campBack to top
Given by:LukashReward:3500 RU, 90 5.56x45 mm AP rounds and two M209 grenades
Listen, here's the deal. The Merc camp needs to be destroyed. We could leave them be, they're good shots... except they've been really asking for it, sneaking into our territory, trying to bribe my people. It's time to teach them a lesson. Can you do it?
Personal Notes
This mission requires you to eliminate all the Mercs at the camp in the far north-western corner of Army Warehouses.
Destroy the military campBack to top
Given by:LukashReward:3500 RU, 90 5.56x45 mm AP rounds and two M209 grenades
The military are staging a gradual Zone takeover. We need to slow them down, otherwise the Zone will turn into a research zoo. One of the military camps is right by the Agroprom. If you manage to purge the place a bit, it will slow down Zone's takeover by the Army.
Personal Notes
This mission takes place at the second installation in Agroprom Research Institute.
Destroy the neutral stalkerBack to top
Given by:LukashReward:Urchin artifact
There's a fellow who's walking around not far from here. He shot one of ours down once. And something like that can't be forgiven. Will you take the job? We'll pay, don't worry.
Personal Notes
The stalker, Dmitro Godfather, is usually located outside the western wall of the Brain Scorcher facility in Red Forest.
Kill one of the Duty commandersBack to top
Given by:LukashReward:Battery artifact
I'll pay for the head of any Duty leader! Knock one off and come back for reward.
Personal Notes
A mission that is likely to put a dent in your reputation with Duty. The target of this mission is called Denis Corpse, however this may be random.
Protect borderBack to top
Given by:LukashReward:5000 RU and Urchin artifact
Here come the monsters again from the side of the Scorcher. Help the guys at the border hold them off. I guarantee a reward.
Personal Notes
This mission requires you to "protect" border from a number of mutants moving in from the Red Forest; I've never seen any mutants come, though. However, if you get this mission and then zone, ie. move outside Army Warehouses the mission will (usually) be complete and you can pick up the reward.
Protect the stalkers at AgropromBack to top
Given by:LukashReward:Crystal artifact
There's a group of stalkers, they live at the Agroprom. Average guys, they understand that the Zone is a place of freedom, that laws don't apply here and you just have to live right, based on your own morals. And now they're thinking about maybe joining us. Yeah, help them fight off the bandits? And we'll send you some ammo.
Personal Notes
This mission was given to me automatically after coming back to the Army Warehouses. I had been there a couple of times before getting this mission. I think the description is sort of wrong since the stalkers I had to help was actually near the stalker camp in Army Warehouses.
Get a flash drive from the crazy sniperBack to top
Given by:MaxReward:Walker P9m
I see you're the right kind of guy! Would you mind doing another small job for me? Get it done and I'll give you my Black Kite. A great piece, and the punch it packs!

There's this one guy who dug in at the swamp. My boys saw him rushing from the village over hedge and ditch. He must have seen something that knocked a few screws loose in his head. Now he's shooting anyone who comes in sight. You've got to find out what it was he saw, 'cause our people are too afraid to go into the village.

Good luck, then. Don't forget - there's an old minefield, but with the help of a few good old bolts you can go around any mind.
Personal Notes
This mission will only be available once you've done the Destroy the Duty company and Deal with the snitch missions for Lukash. Unfortunately there is no Black Kite in it for you, just a dull Walker P9m.

Find the perfected suitBack to top
Given by:NimbleReward:Stone Flower artifact
While I was incaptivity, I heard the bandits talking about their secret stash, where they keep the habar. Heard that they hid a cool coat there, and the next day some monster got his eye on the stash. And he became so interested in it that now they're afraid to go there. Do me a favor, bring me the suit, and I'll pay you well.
Personal Notes
The perfected suit is also known as the Mail Jacket and it's located at the end of the road going through the area where Nimble was being held hostage.
Professor SakharovBack to top
Bring a part of the snork's bodyBack to top
Given by:Professor SakharovReward:2500 RU and a Scientific first aid kit
Professor Sakharov
Professor Sakharov
We got acquainted with Semenov back in the university where I was giving lectures on genetics, and he was my student. Thus I became his scientific chief. Back then, we were only slightly unveiling the curtain of mystery of genome modification. So what was I saying? Oh, right. For genetic experiments we will need the samples of fresh cells of the muscular tissue of snork. You will have to search the bogs for this genetic material. There is a hypothesis that snorks as species are the new level of human's evolution. In order to know this for sure, DNA test must be procured!
Personal Notes
Right, snorks are the "new level of human evolution"? Count me out! This mission requires you to bring Sakharov a Snork Foot.
Bring the bloodsucker's jawBack to top
Given by:Professor SakharovReward:6000 RU and a Scientific first aid kit
Oh, stalker, glad to see you! Listen... You already met bloodsuckers in your adventures, right? If not, then we want it to happen. Bring us the lower jaw of the representative of this species, with all his so to say tableware. Unfortunately, I can't disclose the details of the experiment, besides it will negatively impact the stability of your psyche. We'll be waiting.
Personal Notes
Bring Sakharov some Bloodsucker tentacles.
Bring the eye of a fleshBack to top
Given by:Professor SakharovReward:1000 RU and a SUSAT Scope
Good news, young man: we have a very interesting assignment for you! I think as an intellectual being with quite a bit of experience you will be able to appreciate my colleagues' theories. The thing is, our research revealed: the eyes of the creatures called flesh in the common language, are equipped with... are you following me?... with olfactory receptors! Thus, they can not only see with their eyes, but smell with them as well! We're getting ready for an operation on transplanting this miraculous eye to one of ... one of our voluntary assistants. I believe we're about to start a craze! By the way, would you like to become a recepient of this rather amazing organ?
Personal Notes
Good luck with the new eye, "voluntary" assistant! The mission is a simple fetch mission - bring Sakharov a Flesh Eye.
Bring the Fireball artifactBack to top
Given by:Professor SakharovReward:Pellicle artifact
We've managed to obtain the artifact in laboratory conditions! This is a breakthrough! Now all the world will hear about our success. And the Nobel Prize will be close at hand! This is the unique artifact - "Pellicle", it's main quality is to protect from the chemical burns. Do you want me to give it to you on behalf of science? However, I do have one request - in return I need the artifact "Fireball", do you know about such? Unique thermal qualities of its surface require thorough research.
Personal Notes
Give him a Fireball artifact.
Bring the leg of a boarBack to top
Given by:Professor SakharovReward:3000 RU and a Scientific first aid kit
Good day, colleague! I hope you know that dogs belong to the vertebrates subtype... meaning their vertebral column starts with the head and ends with the tail. And here's the catch! One of my young collegues proved theoretically that the spine of the blind dogs - this is how you named this type of animals - starts from the tail, not from the head! Think of it, it totally turns upside down our assumptions pertaining to this area of knowledge. There are already some rather daring theories about human beings having around their sacrum a... well, this is a subject of many discussions. In short, we need the head of the dog, the blind dog, which through ignorance we considered to be its tail.
Personal Notes
The title of this mission is wrong - Sakharov is actually looking for the tail of a pseudodog, not a Boar's hoof.
Bring the tail of a blind dogBack to top
Given by:Professor SakharovReward:2000 RU and 30 12x76 dart rounds
Welcome, eh... traveler! I'm so glad you dropped by: we are in need of a man to take part in a highly important experiment. My colleague Brenter wants to try and cook a meal using local fauna for a practical experiment to study the influence of mutated protein on human body. For a start, we decided to try the boards. We need ham. A boar's leg, do you understand? And if you agree to do it, please select the healhiest specimen.
Personal Notes
The title was mixed up with a different mission - Sakharov is looking for a Boar's hoof, not the tail of a blind dog.
Bring the unique bodysuitBack to top
Given by:Professor SakharovReward:SSP-99M Suit
We have some business with you. Recently we hired a stalker to get into the laboratory. Even then I noticed his unique bodysuit - it gave off noticeable heat. The stalker said that the bodysuit itself can heal wounds. Bottom line - the stalker didn't return from the lab. Oh no - don't even think it! We had nothing to do with it! And his bodysuit is most likely still there. I would be very glad to get it for research.
Personal Notes
Sakharov wants the Ghost Suit but he'll make an excellent trade for it - in other words, you'll get a much better armor out of it.
Destroy the lair of wild dogsBack to top
Given by:Professor SakharovReward:3000 RU and two Scientific first aid kits
There's a mutant-dogs' lair at the Wild Territory, I want you to travel there and clear it up. These mutants are particularly dangerous for our expeditions. I now that zoologists won't favor this, but this is not a zoo here, I must admit. Such beasts spread rabies, plague or god knows what else.
Personal Notes
I believe this mission was introduced in the 1.0004 patch, and the mission is automatically given to you when you enter the Wild Territory after having been to Yantar for the first time.
Find the artifact called Sea UrchinBack to top
Given by:Professor SakharovReward:SEVA Suit
You are probably aware of the fact that our suits provide the best defence against radiation. The secret lies in the fact that we saturate them with a lotion made out of quite a rare artifact. To manufacture another series of these suits we need such an artifact. You call it "Sea Urchin".
Personal Notes
Well, I don't recall seeing anyone referring to the artifact "Sea Urchin" before - I think Sakharov is finally losing it. Obviously he wants an Urchin artifact.
Find the "gravi" artifactBack to top
Given by:Professor SakharovReward:5000 RU and a Scientific first aid kit
We've approached closely to the comprehension of the nature of gravitation, practically, soon enough we'll be able to create a new generation of engines on the antigravity basis, and quite probably the path to the stars will be open to us. For that, we need the "Gravi" artifact, and fast.
Find the "Jellyfish" artifactBack to top
Given by:Professor SakharovReward:2500 RU and a Scientific first aid kit
Our research team is on the brink of discovering the mystery of space-time. The possibility of teleportation is no longer fantasy! The Vortex is an anomaly which squeezes space rather than just gravitationally affecting objects, as believe some of my ossified opponents-theorists, who sit in the warm research facility earnestly chewing chalk. Their glasses will fog up when they find out what results science can achieve when you work in the field! Please get me the artifact "Jellyfish".
Personal Notes
Give him a Jellyfish artifact.
Find the "Moonlight" artifactBack to top
Given by:Professor SakharovReward:10000 RU and 3 Scientific first aid kits
We desperately need materials for continuing our research in the field of energetics. You see, we learned to generate energy with the help of artifacts. Granted, this works while the KPD isn't high enough. We were able to get the best results with the artifact Moonlight. Please bring us a sample for experiments.
Personal Notes
While the reward for this mission is substantial it may not be worth giving up one of the rare Moonlight artifacts for it.
Purge the lair of the snorksBack to top
Given by:Professor SakharovReward:3000 RU and two Scientific first aid kits
I want to offer you a small amount of money that you'll receive if the snorks living the swamps will stop bothering me and my colleagues. Sometimes when we're carrying out our experiments, we can't even concentrate.
Personal Notes
Kill a number of snorks at the swamp in Yantar. I believe this mission is given to you automatically upon entering Yantar.
Bring a bottle of vodkaBack to top
Given by:ScrewReward:PSO-1 Scope
Pfft! Nothing but rubbish. I'm totally beat. Listen, you got any vodka on you? I'd umm... you... want a nice scope? The best optics there is!
Personal Notes
Technically not an optional mission in the traditional sense. Bring Screw a bottle of vodka and he'll give you a PSO-1 scope in return. Screw can be found behind the main building of the Freedom headquarters in the Army Warehouses area.
Sergeant KitsenkoBack to top
Purge the dog lairBack to top
Given by:Sergeant KitsenkoReward:Meat Chunk artifact
Sergeant Kitsenko
Sergeant Kitsenko
Despite our efforts, some monsters still manage to break through from the Garbage. Well you yourself probably saw a pack of dogs to the south of us. If you kill them you'll get a reward.
Personal Notes
A very simple mission that requires you to eliminate all the dogs outside the Duty control point in the Bar area.
SidorovichBack to top
Bring over the tail of the pseudodogBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:1500 RU and 50 12x76 shotgun dart rounds
Winter's coming soon. And what do chicks like to wear there on the Big Land during winter? That's right - furs. So now there's a new fashion going around, making various accessories from the tails of pseudodogs. It's some sort of special fur! Bottom line, there's an order for such a tail. Will you take it?
Bring the jaw of the bloodsuckerBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:3000 RU and 50 12x76 shotgun dart rounds
I heard a superstition that the tooth of a bloodsucker brings good luck. As if the one who wears that tooth around his neck gets past the anomalies, and artifacts fall right into his hands. Anyway, it's all bullshit, but there are some dopes who believe it all and are ready to pay well for it. If you bring the jaw of a bloodsucker I'll pay you well.
Personal Notes
A simple mission where you need to bring Sidorovich some Bloodsucker tentacles.
Destroy the bandit camp at the GarbageBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:1500 RU and two RGD-5 grenades
The bandits have rallied lately, getting in the way of honest people trading... So make a beeline for the Garbage, I've been told these scumbags have settled down near the scrapyard. You look into this matter, and everyone will be grateful to you, and I'll be generous with the reward. Agreed?
Personal Notes
This mission is often given to you automatically when you enter Garbage. The mission simply requires you to kill all the bandits to the south-east of the hangar.
Destroy the bandit camp at the Garbage, ver. 2Back to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:1500 RU and two RGD-5 grenades
Eliminate the bandits at the Garbage who rob stalkers on the way back from the Zone. The trader will be happy.
Personal Notes
Like the other mission to Destroy the bandit camp at the Garbage this one requires you to kill some bandits in Garbage. However, this particular mission seems alot more rare - which is a bit weird seeing the two missions basically have the same goal and the same reward. This mission is supposedly given to you automatically when you enter Garbage.
Eliminate the bandits by the Agroprom Research InstituteBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:1500 RU and two RGD-5 grenades
There is no official briefing for this mission.
Personal Notes
This mission is given to you automatically the first time you enter the Agroprom Underground.
Eliminate two bandits at the GarbageBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:1000 RU and a RGD-5 grenade
Recently one of the best places in the Zone became inaccessible for lovers of the wonderful. At the Garbage... yeah, the Garbage, there's a quaint little place like nothing else, where all your sadness leaves you, where you forget about the dirt, about money, about blood. Forgot, that is, because now there are two dirty freaks sitting there, who threaten to kill anyone who doesn't pay them for being able to enter the place. Get rid of them - I have no other place to take the tourists.
Find the artifact called Chunk of MeatBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:2500 RU and 3 Army first aid kits
There's an order for an artifact, the kind that heals wounds, called Chunk of Meat! They have a clinic of some sort. If you get it you'll get paid and help people at the same time.
Find the jellyfish artifactBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:1500 RU and a bottle of vodka
Some guy from the Big Land asked for a Jellyfish. It's not alot of money, but it's a milk run. Take it!
Find the Night Star artifactBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:Tourist Suit
There is this one little job... rather unpleasant. Apparently, it's coming from the military, they're working on some new protection. Anyway there's an order for the Night Star. It's quite a rare artifact, but it provides pretty good protection from bullets... So will you do it? I'll pay you well!
Find the Stone Flower artifactBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:3000 RU and a bottle of vodka
I have a request for the Stone Flower. The order is from the jewellers, but the way, so let's try to make the pretty ladies happy, eh? If you get it, you'll get the money and a bottle to drink to their health...
Kill Father DiodorBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:Kolobok artifact
I always said business and religion can't go together, they can never cross, and should never ever meddle in the other's affairs. It's just this padre, Lord forgive me, Diodor... well... he just can't see this simple truth. He keeps raving about artifact hunting, says that trading in them drives people to sin not just in the Zone, but in the whole world, on and on along those lines. Get this, he preaches the destruction of artifacts altogether! See what he is up to? The worst bit is that he's actually got some converts! I've tried to approach this Diodor this way and other, but he just keeps at it. Here's the deal: you're going to send him upstairs where he can preach all he likes... you get the point, right? And I'll give you a cool artifact. So, we've got a deal?
Personal Notes
Father Diodor is located at the stalker camp in Army Warehouses. This mission may tie in well with other missions (such as Kill master stalker) which require you to eliminate other stalkers at the campsite.
Kill the rookie stalkerBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:Stone Blood artifact
There's this one guy here loafing about, pretending to be a rookie, but he's rather weird... So anyway, if he suddenly disappears, you'll be doing me a great favor. You know what I mean?
Personal Notes
The rookie stalker is likely to be found at the house where you meet Fox in Cordon.
Kill the "sales representative"Back to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:Wrenched and a Tourists Delight
Imagine this: there's some weirdo running around here who introduces himself as my sales representative, uses my reputation, and then tries to hand off second-rate stuff! Broken barrells, the armor that's falling apart, expired canned goods. I've already had to deal with a few unhappy clients. Bottom line, I need a man to have a little chat with that "sales representative", whatever it takes.
Personal Notes
The guy may be located in different places - I've seen him both at the house where you meet Fox and at a camp further to the north; in any case, you can find him in Cordon.
Kill the stalker called FiendBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:Mica artifact
The Fiend, aka Oleg Gusarov... used to serve in Spetsnaz. As long as he minded his own business, I had nothing against him, a loner is a loner. But I hear he's mustering a gang to crush down the cordon and take control over smuggling operations from the Zone. Now this is a major problem and it has to be solved quick. So will you do it?
Personal Notes
Usually Oleg "Fiend" Gusarov is to be found at the stalker camp in Dark Valley.
Kill the trader stalkerBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:Gravi artifact
I'm having a confrontation with this one trader. Well, if he doesn't want to cooperate, the hell with him! But I won't let anyone start filthy rumors. In short, he needs to be wasted so the others don't get out of hand. Let them all know who's the boss here...
Personal Notes
This guy, Borya Barker, is usually located at the small shelter opposite of the hangar in Garbage.
Kill the bandit leaderBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:Akm 74/2U and 150 rounds of 5.45x39 mm BP rounds
You'll have to finish off this one dandy, one of the bandit leaders. The other day the bandits, by his order, intercepted my courier and shook him up and I don't waste words with those who touch my people... In a word, if you get it done, I'll return the favor. So are you up for it?
Personal Notes
This mission is given to you automatically the first time you enter Garbage.
Kill the bloodsucker in the Dark ValleyBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:2000 RU and two RGD-5 grenades
They say that the troops left the Dark Valley. And then monsters started pouring out of every crevice. The stalkers already spotted a bloodsucker there, and an extraordinary one at that - he's not afraid of open spaces. Any way, once word gets around to the scientists, they'll definately want to study this bloodsucker. And I want to be the person who hands them over the body. Your job is to kill the bloodsucker, and I'll take care of the rest.
Personal Notes
The Bloodsucker can be found in the South-east part of Dark Valley.
Purge the area from mutantsBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:1000 RU and 30 12x76 slug rounds
There is one thing, pretty easy. They want to bring some foreign tourist over. He paid some dough to my homies to get to look at the zone. And the area where they're gonna show him around needs to be cleared of mutants. Will you do it?
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Steal the box from the army outpostBack to top
Given by:SidorovichReward:2000 RU
Well, here's the deal... A box containing the reports made by an expedition that went deep North into the Zone has been taken to the army outpost. By day, it's guarded as if it was filled with pure plutonium, but for some reason at night they only leave two guards.

Sneak into the outpost quietly and "recover" the box. Do that and I'll pay you anything... within reason. Will you do it?
Personal Notes
This mission can be picked up as a special mission once you've been to X18.

SkinflintBack to top
Kill the bloodsuckers in the villageBack to top
Given by:SkinflintReward:Crystal artifact
I can give you a Crystal if you do me one particular favor. A nasty situation has developed... Lately, no one has been bringing any artifacts from the village - they are too scared. They say bloodsuckers have settled in there. These days, I can't even send anyone - in fact, I'm that close of asking Duty for help!

A couple of guys went to the village and didn't come back, and the other three are just sitting there on the outskirts. If you destroy the bloodsuckers, I'll give you a Crystal. What do you say?
Personal Notes
This mission can also be obtained by talking to Murk - Skinflint will still be giving the reward though.

Kill LukashBack to top
Given by:SkullReward:8000 RU
We're about to blow up the fence and get the party going. I can see you're a good shooter - maybe you could take care of the tower snipers? With snipers out of the way, we'll have an easier time getting to that spaz Lukash.

Step aside, will you? We need to get ready...
Personal Notes
You can get this mission once you've done the Kill the tower sniper mission.

Kill the tower sniperBack to top
Given by:SkullReward:4000 RU
Hello, brother. I'm a Duty member and we're here on a mission. Would you like to join us?

Excellent. There, behind the hill, is the main breeding ground of those bastards - the "Free" ones - and me and my boys are going to stir it up properly. There's just one little problem. The base has only one entrance and it is well guarded. We thought of busting a hole in the fence, but their sniper in the tower won't let us. I don't want to send my guys to catch his bullets... but you - he'll let you come close and definitely won't shoot on sight. If you take him out, we'll owe you. Plus, if it goes as planned, you'll be able to take any equipment at the base, whatever you want.

I've already told you: all you need to do is knock off the sniper at that tower above the fence. So, what do you say?
Personal Notes
You must pick up and complete this mission to reach the Kill Lukash mission.

Kill master stalkerBack to top
Given by:SnitchReward:Mama's Beads artifact
We're not interested in the fact that walking deadnoughts might wander across the Zone: stalkers in exo-skeletons armed to the teeth. The work becomes even more dangerous and harder over this. The fewer of them there are - the better it is for us. Kill one of them - and receive your reward.
Personal Notes
The target for this mission is located at the stalker camp in Army Warehouses.
Vasko MagnateBack to top
Free the Dutyer from prisonBack to top
Given by:Vasko_MagnateReward:None
Vasko Magnate
Vasko Magnate
Bandits! Those sons of bitches were taking me to the old factory. I don't know what they were planning to do with me there. I saw them take another guy in there before and I never saw him after that. They've got another one of ours, Serega. They keep him in the basement... in that big unfinished building there. Help him, would ya? Otherwise they'll... you know...
Personal Notes
As far as I know there is no reward for completing this mission - however, your general reputation will receive a slight boost for completing it.
Destroy the boar lairBack to top
Given by:WolfReward:Wrenched artifact
My friend and I had a storage here not far from the car park, where the forest is more dense. Basically, just what you need. But recently the boars made a lair there, and now we can't get to the storage. Help - kill the boars, and I'll thank you, for myself and my friend.
Personal Notes
The Boars are located to the east of the rookie camp.
Destroy the mutants at the farmBack to top
Given by:WolfReward:Stone Blood artifact
Though this is the border of the Zone, newbies have it tough even here. The bandits are only half the problem - they at least understand Russian. But the mutants - it's really tough with them. They made themselves a lair at the abandoned farm, took over the only good place for an outpost camp. If you manage to purge the farm from the mutants, I'll owe you.
Personal Notes
The mutants, Fleshes to be exact, are located in the farmstead slightly north of the railway in Cordon; this place is actually referred to as "Factory" in the map of Cordon - I may correct the map at some point since it's obviously not a factory.
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