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This page introduces the inventory screen in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. Click a part of the image below for specific information about that area - only areas of interest are described though.

This shows you what the armor you're wearing looks like.
Armor Stats and Artifact EffectsBack to top
This sections lists the different protection values for your armor as well as any positive or negative effects provided by your active artifacts.

Burn Burn: This is the protection against burn damage which is caused by fires (such as the Burner anomaly).
Bulletproof cap Bulletproof cap: This is the protection against bullets.
Chemical burn Chemical burn: Protection against chemical burns. I believe only the Fruit Punch anomaly causes this type of damage.
Explosion Explosion: Protection against explosions caused by grenades and exploding barrels.
Electric shock Electric shock: Protection against electrocution which is only caused by the Electro anomaly.
Impact Impact: Protection against impact damage - this type of damage is caused by falling and being hit by thrown objects.
Radiation Radiation: Protection against radiation.
Rupture Rupture: Protection against melee damage such as bite and claw attacks by animals and mutants.

Belt (Active Artifacts)Back to top
This is the belt - the slots here holds your active artifacts. You can have 5 artifacts active at one time. To activate an actifact double-click the artifact (or drag and drop it onto the belt slots) from the inventory. To deactivate an artifact either double-click it in the belt slots or drag and drop it from the belt onto the inventory area. For a list of available artifacts and their positive and negative properties, please refer to the Artifacts page.
Endurance Weight LimitBack to top
This indicates the "endurance weight limit" which per default is 50 kilos. If you carry more weight than this your endurance will deplete much faster when you're running or sprinting. Even if you get an armor that allows you to carry more weight, the endurance weight limit will still be 50 kilos. This is your health. Take good care of it and you won't die. For more about health, bleeding, etc. please refer to this page.
InventoryBack to top
This shows the contents of your backpack - ie. your primary and secondary weapons are not included and neither are any active artifacts.
Item ConditionBack to top
This is the condition of the item - this is most important for armors and weapons. For more about which effects the condition has on different items, please refer to this page.
Item DescriptionBack to top
This is a description of the selected item.
Item PriceBack to top
This is the "ideal" price of the selected item. Vendors won't pay this much for an item though, and the condition of a item may also influence the final price you'll get for it. For more about selling items please refer to this page.
Item WeightBack to top
This is the weight (in kilos) of the selected item.
Mental HealthBack to top
I used to think that this was a broken armor condition indicator - but thanks to Arioch Saint for making me aware that it is in fact a mental health indicator. It will be affected when you come under attack by a Controller. I believe you'll die if this meter is completely depleted. This is the total amount of money (in Rubles) that you have. Money can be used to buy goods and services... err, not services, just goods.
Primary WeaponBack to top
This slot holds your primary weapons which can be anything from assault rifles to grenade launchers.
Radiation LevelBack to top
This shows you the amount of radiation you've accumulated.
Secondary WeaponBack to top
This slot holds your secondary weapon, which is limited to pistols.
Selected ItemBack to top
You can click an item in your inventory to "select it". If you do, you can see an image of the object along with its name, weight, condition and a description.
Time of DayBack to top
This is the time of day in-game. One minute in-game takes about 5 real-time seconds to pass - this means that one day in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl is approximately 120 (real-time) minutes long.
Total Weight CarriedBack to top
This show you the total weight of everything you're carrying. Per default you can carry up to 60 kilos - exceeding that limit means that you won't be able to move. Certain armors, such as the Exoskeleton and the Tourist Suit allows you to carry more weight.

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