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This page contains information about the different anomalies that can be found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.
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Burner (Click to view large version)
Video Burner
There doesn't seem to be an official description of this anomaly available in the PDA, so I'll try my best to provide one. The Burner anomaly can be a bit difficult to see, even in daylight, as it's only revealed by a heat haze. If the anomaly is triggered by either a living being or an item, such as a metal bolt, it'll shoot out a tall pillar of flame into the air, burning everything in its vicinity. The Burner anomaly forms three types of artifacts: Crystal, Droplets and Fireball.
Personal Notes
Another less common anomaly which you wont come across that often; however when you do, you're likely to find more than just one of them about. By wearing four Battery artifacts you can heal wounds and repair your armor by standing in this anomaly; this is explained and demonstrated in this tip.
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Burnt Fuzz, take 2 (Click to view large version)
Video Burnt Fuzz, take 2
Burnt Fuzz (Click to view large version)
Video Burnt Fuzz
One of the Zone's examples of mutated vegetation. Reacts to rapidly approaching living beings by discharging a cloud of projectiles severely injuring uncovered or lightly protected skin upon contact. Does not react to slowly moving targets. Forms three types of artifacts (possibly its seeds): Thorn, Crystal Thorn and Urchin.
Personal Notes
This anomly can only be found outside, usually attached to telephone poles or trees. I am not sure if it's bugged or not, but I can't recall ever being affected by it - as you can see in the video, if you do sprint towards it there does seem to be a reaction from the anomaly, but nothing that actually seems to hurt or otherwise affect you.

Update: I have added a second video that actually shows me getting hurt by the Burnt Fuzz - it hints that you may actually need to get in physical contact with the anomaly for it to have any effect. However, as you can also see, I've removed my armor and even then it just slightly damages me - I reckon my conclusion must be that this is by far the least dangerous anomaly in the game.

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A larger version of Electro (Click to view large version)
Video A larger version of Electro
Electro (Click to view large version)
Video Electro
An anomalous formation, roughly 10 meters in diameter, accumulating large quantities of static electricity. When triggered the anomaly bursts out in dozens of miniature lightnings, causing electric shock nearly always lethal to all living beings. Recognizable by the bluish fog hovering above it in daylight. At nighttime, the Electro can be revealed using any type of detector or by throwing metal objects into the anomaly. Forms three types of artifacts: Sparkler, Flash and Moonlight.
Personal Notes
A less common anomaly that is very easy to spot. Can be tricky since you only need to get fairly close before the anomaly is triggered and spurt out lightning. By wearing four Battery artifacts you can heal wounds and repair your armor by standing in the Electro anomaly; this is explained and demonstrated in this tip.
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Fruit Punch (Click to view large version)
Video Fruit Punch
An anomaly of unknown nature. On contact inflicts injuries similar to the effects of strong acid. Forms three types of artifacts: Slime, Slug and Mica.
Personal Notes
The Fruit Punch anomaly is most commonly found underground. By wearing four Pellicle artifacts you can heal wounds and repair your armor by standing in the Fruit Punch anomaly; refer to this tip for more information.
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Radiation (Click to view large version)
Video Radiation
An area of increased radiation - over 50 mR/h. Staying in a radiation zone for longer periods of time is strongly discouraged.
Personal Notes
Pockets of radiation can be found all over the Zone. In the outside areas radiation tends to be dominant in wide, open spaces and on piles of scrap (such as the dirt and scrap piles in Garbage). Radiation in itself doesn't form artifacts. When you're in an area with radiation, you can see the radiation indication (in your inventory) increase - the more severe radiation, the faster this meter will go up. When you have accumulated enough radiation you'll start to lose health; although radiation will decrease by itself (albeit very slowly) when you're outside of a radioactive area, it's often a good idea to use either Vodka, antirads or a first aid kit to speed up the process. Areas with severe radiation will make your screen go bright/white.
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Running through a Springboard (Click to view large version)
Video Running through a Springboard
Springboard (Click to view large version)
Video Springboard
One of the first anomalies ever recorded - an unstable gravitational field inflicting shock damage to anyone within its radius. Remains active for a week on average. The amount of damage inflicted changes during its lifetime, ranging from minor bruises, through serious wounds, to instant death. Easy to spot in daylight. Accompanies by air fluctiation above the anomaly, dancing leaves and distinctive crimson-colored stains on the ground. Picked up by all types of detectors, the Springboard can also be revealed by throwing objects into it. Forms three types of artifacts: Jellyfish, Stone Flower, and Night Star.
Personal Notes
This anomaly is very common and can be found almost anywhere in the Zone. As you get closer to this anomly your screen will become brighter and brighter, which is a good warning sign. If you throw a bolt into the anomaly it will be triggered - just after it has triggered it is safe to run through, however you'll need to hurry or you may trigger the anomaly again.
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Whirligig (Click to view large version)
Video Whirligig
Whirligig (Click to view large version)
Video Whirligig
The anomaly snatches its victims up in the air and spins them at a breakneck speed. The exact nature of the Whirligig remains unknown. The anomaly can be recognized by a light whirlwind of dust above and by body fragments scattered in the vicinity. Victims caught on its outer rim - far enough from the maximum effect zone at the center - can escape the Whirligig with relatively minor injuries. Forms three types of artifacts: Stone Blood, Meat Chunk and Soul.
Personal Notes
A common and dangerous anomaly. As the description states, if you get too close the anomly will you suck you in and crush you; your best bet, if caught, is to turn around and try to sprint away from it - if you're not succesful at first, you're likely to end up dead or in dire need of medical attention.
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Vortex (Click to view large version)
Video Vortex
Vortex (Click to view large version)
Video Vortex
An anomaly of presumably gravitational nature. When triggered, the tremendous power of the Vortex drags everything within the radius 10-15 meters towards the center. Victims drawn into the core have no chance of survival: their bodies are quickly constricted into a tight lump, only to be blown up in a powerful discharge of energy a moment later. The anomaly remains stationary throughout its lifetime (a week on average). Easily recognizable in daylight by the air fluctuation above, dancing leaves, fragments of dismembered corpses lying around and a distinctive dark stain in the center. Highly dangerous at night since it can be revealed only by means of a detector or by throwing metal objects into it. Forms three types of artifacts: Wrenched, Gravi and Goldfish.
Personal Notes
For a long time I have tried to find out exactly what the difference is between a Whirligig and a Vortex and I think the answer is pretty simple: size and strength. The Vortex has a mucher larger range, it's much harder to escape from than a Whirligig, and it deals alot more damage. Thanks to everyone at the forums for the help in clearing this up.

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